provides a platform for:

            - Teachers to craft, save and revise their SLOs

            - Administrators receive real-time updates and notifications who SLOs are ready for approval

            - Links SLOs seamlessly to teacher and principal evaluations

            - SLOadvantage stores data securely in password protected environment

            - Versatile reporting capabilities

What makes it unique?


                     • Is customizable to the SLO framework of the district

                     • Interfaces with existing human resource, student information, and class scheduling systems

                     • Links with teacher and principal evaluation systems for seamless transfer of SLO outcome results

                     • Accesses learning standards for use in SLO

                     • Produces automatic reports about progress in SLO implementation

How will it help you?

SLOadvantage is efficient. Right from the start, it saves steps. SLOadvantage interfaces with existing data systems. And it reduces time and effort in SLO development. SLOadvantage™ automatically loads teachers’ identifying information upon log in. Teachers easily select classes and identify students included in the SLO, using simple drop-down menus.

Learning Standards are easily accessible through the system. SLOadvantage imports local, state, Common Core and industry standards. Teachers select the standards to include in the SLO from drop-down menus. This eliminates the need to cut, paste, or re-type the content.

SLOadvantage streamlines management of the SLO process. SLOadvantage manages the approval process. The platform allows administrators to provide teachers with timely feedback on their SLOs, monitor progress of all teachers and approve SLOs electronically. Teachers easily recognize which sections of the SLO have been completed and which remain to be completed.

SLOadvantage expedites the SLO review process. SLOs may be reviewed using a quality rubric or checklist through the system. Evaluators are able to examine the SLO and the rubric or checklist on the same screen and offer feedback and recommendations for improvement. SLO ratings and reviews are easily linked to the teacher and principal evaluation system.

Simple records management. SLOadvantage transfers outcome and scoring data to teacher and principal evaluation systems. Output can be generated in a variety of formats for use with existing data systems. For example, SLOadvantage™ shares a common structure with Truenorthlogic evaluation platforms.

SLOadvantage automates calculations such as the average amount of growth or percent of students meeting targets. Calculations of SLO outcomes are customized to meet the needs of the district. SLOadvantage™ ensures the accuracy of calculations, thereby building trust in the overall evaluation system. This automation improves the efficiency of SLO implementation during the busy closeout periods. This is particularly appreciated by teachers and administrators at the end of semester and end of year time periods.

SLOadvantage makes data readily available. These data cover the full gamut of SLO creation, implementation, and outcome. A menu of reports is accessible to the district, including reports of the percent of teachers meeting their SLOs, average growth per student, status reports, and quality rating summaries. All reports can be generated at the teacher, school or district level. SLOadvantage exports all data in .csv format for use in other applications.